•   about 3 years ago

Community Guidelines Issue

I am writing to learn more about why the Cinema Buddy project is flagged - https://devpost.com/software/cinema-buddy ;

The poster illustrations utilized in the project are purchased, licensed from Shutterstock ;

Best regards,
Robert Hellestrae


  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Robert,

    I'm unsure why this project was taken down, but it was done by DevPost rather than our team. We did have the opportunity to judge your submission before that occurred though so it did not effect your performance in our contest. We'll be notifying teams later today of their status.

    Thank you,


  •   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you for the feedback - hope to attend AT&T Shape;

    Best regards - Rob

  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Ben & Robert,

    I think your project may have been snagged by our spam filters. They're looking out for movie-themed spam. It looks like the flag was removed by one of my coworkers, but if you need any further assistance please let me know!


  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Ben, very sorry for this. Spam prevention is a cat and mouse game, and while we get it all either in real time via automated means or the same day via human moderation, occasionally we make mistakes like this. Apologies again, and thank you for your understanding.

    Brandon @ Devpost

  •   •   about 3 years ago

    Stefanie, Brandon:

    Thank you for the feedback;

    Best regards - Rob

    Miami, Florida

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